The Value of Patent Information

Patent information is a vast resource of technological, commercial, and competitor intelligence, much of which is not published in other documents. By searching patent information effectively you can monitor global technology developments, check that your own research is unique, keep track of your competitors and ensure that no-one is infringing your own patents.

Unique Insight into Industry Developments

To secure rights to an invention, the inventor must keep the details secret prior to filing the patent application. So publication of a patent is often the first time that an invention has ever been disclosed. Monitoring the vital information contained within published patent documents is a great way to stay on top of key industry developments.

Extensive References to Similar Inventions

Many patent documents include search reports prepared by patent examiners. These reports may cite or reference patents and other literature related to the subject matter of the invention. This supplementary information can provide valuable background information on the development of that particular technology, saving you time in researching that topic.

Detailed Descriptions of the Invention

To obtain a granted patent, the technical details of the invention must be fully disclosed in the text and drawings of the patent application. The detail must be sufficient to enable an expert specialising in the same field to re-create the invention. By browsing through these full and practical descriptions, you may discover details that prompt new groundbreaking ideas of your own!

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