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NEW Structure editor in 15.2 release (December 2015)
Addition of Elemental (Dotmatics) structure editor, providing an alternate structure search tool supported by modern browsers (Javascript based)

Content growth 2015
Significant (15%) average growth in content across the different knowledge areas
  • 60% increase in Experimental Models records and 25% growth in Biomarkers uses content to support your translational research.
  • Substantial experimental data growth to provide more robust decisions for your assay design and benchmark against competitors.
  • 27% New Targets records created. Get an overview of the emerging targets and the latest drug-target landscape

Taxonomy enhancements
Enhanced Mechanism of action taxonomy not to miss the latest strategies explored on Drug- Targets interactions
  • Outstanding new terms indexation growth (17% new indexed terms this year)
  • More granularity and target specificity
Access family-related Drugs & Biologics faster
  • Extended Product category growth (12%) for chemical and biological compounds.
  • Improvement of peptide-related categories
Reclassification of Targets according to molecular/biological function and aligning with drug Mechanism of Action

New in regulatory
Be up-to-date on drug programs progression for main regulatory designations. Added this year:
  • Rare Pediatric disease designation
  • Advanced Therapy medicinal product designation (ATMP)
  • New Active Substance designation (NAS)

Biomarkers: Companion diagnostics kits are now identified with a (CDx) suffix after the Biomarker Kit name for quicker retrieval

Drugs & Biologics- focusing on Biologics trends
  • Improved indexing and coverage of regenerative medicines, including stem cell transplantation and tissue grafts
  • Sequency Entry Date: Identify the date the sequence was added to the drug record and the document source where the sequence was first disclosed.


With more than 150 topics to choose from, the Disease Briefings collection has you covered from Acne to Wound Healing. However, the collection continues to grow and more new titles will be added in 2016.

Are you getting the most out of Thomson Reuters Integrity?

Interested in knowing which new customer-selected topics were added to Integrity in 2015?  Here they are:

  • Hepatitis D
  • Diarrheal Diseases
  • Pneumonia
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer


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Thomson Reuters Integrity, the knowledge solution that helps to drive innovation and support earlier decision-making in your drug discovery and development activities.

Translational approach to research
By integrating clinical, preclinical and early research concepts, we provide key powerful scientific information to help you design the best assay and select the appropriate animal model, enabling you to prioritize drug candidates for greatest potential success in humans

We package together all the information you need on biomarker strategies to inform stage-gate decisions and stratify patient populations

Competitive landscape from discovery stages
Thomson Reuters helps you benchmark competitors/market leaders and identify the competitive landscape earlier than any other pipeline database – directly supporting scientific discovery

Moving along with your needs, our high-quality content is provided via a web portal, data feeds and web services APIs

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Quick Tip

Did you know that there are a variety of export formats available for exporting your Integrity data? These include; MS Excel, MS Word, BizInt Smart Charts for Drug Pipelines and for Patents, RDFile, EndNote, Reference Manager and Refworks formats, and SDFile format, which is also available for Experimental Pharmacology data.

In addition to this, users can export structures from Integrity to ISIS for Excel. The available formats vary depending on the Knowledge Area.