Data Usage Guide FAQs

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  • What is this Data Usage Guide about and what products does it apply to?

    This Data Usage Guide explains:

    • what you are entitled to do with data you access via the Thomson Reuters product from which you have linked to this page; and
    • what you are NOT entitled to do with data you access from the same Thomson Reuters product.

    Your use of Thomson Reuters product(s) is governed by the terms of the agreement between your company and Thomson Reuters.

  • What if I don't have a username and password?

    If you DON’T have a Thomson Reuters username/password, you are not entitled to:

    • access any product using a username/password that has been issued to someone else; or
    • make use of any extracted data from a licensed user, unless such extracted data is contained in an internal document or report created by the licensed user.

  • If I do have a username and password, what am I allowed to do with the data available in the product(s)?

    If you DO have a Thomson Reuters username/password, you may access your Thomson Reuters product(s), download or extract data from such product and use the data as set forth below:

    You can extract reasonable amounts [note 1] of data that are required for the activities you carry out individually as part of your employment.
    You can include insubstantial portions [note 2] of extracted data in your work documents and reports, provided that:
      where such documents or reports are for the benefit of (and belong to) your employer
      where such documents or reports are intended for the benefit of third parties (not your employer), extracted data is immaterial in the context of such documents or reports and used only for illustrative/demo purposes
    All users must include the following notice in any derived document or report containing extracted data:   “This material is reproduced under a licence from Thomson Reuters. You may not copy or redistribute this material in whole or in part without the written consent of Thomson Reuters.”

    1. Thomson Reuters determines a “reasonable amount” of data to download by comparing your download activity against the average annual download rates for all Thomson Reuters clients using the product in question. Thomson Reuters may contact you or your organisation if it feels that your downloading activity is excessive. Please contact your account representative if you have any questions regarding the quantity of data that you intend to download.
    2. Thomson Reuters determines an “insubstantial portion” of downloaded data to mean an amount of data taken from the product which:
    • would not have significant commercial value of its own; AND
    • would not act as a substitute for access to a TR product for someone who does not have access to the product.

  • What am I not allowed to do with the data available in the product(s) even if I have a username and password?

    As a licensed user, you are not entitled to anything that would cause a breach of the terms of the agreement between your employer and Thomson Reuters.

    The following are examples of actions that may cause a breach:

    • allowing anyone else to use your username/password — they are personal to you;
    • downloading excessive amounts of data;
    • using the product in a way that risks damaging, disabling, overburdening or impairing the operation of the product, or any other person’s use or enjoyment of the product;
    • providing data to anyone else, other than in licensed, source-acknowledged documents or reports created as part of your normal work;
    • archiving or using downloaded data to create a separate database or derivative metrics;
    • using the product or any downloaded data to provide services of any description to anyone outside your organization.

  • What happens if I do something I am not entitled to do with data I access via my Thomson Reuters product?

    If you use any product or data in a way that does not comply with this User Guide, or with the terms of the agreement between your employer and Thomson Reuters, you risk causing a material breach of the agreement between your employer and Thomson Reuters.

    This may lead to:

    • Thomson Reuters suspending or terminating your and your colleagues’ access to the product;
    • Thomson Reuters informing your corporate administrator and/or employer; and
    • Thomson Reuters seeking recourse, including legal/financial recourse, against your employer.

  • What can I do if I have questions that are not answered in this Data Usage Guide?

    If you would like to understand more or have any questions about what you can or can’t do with the product or the data, you should:

    • refer to the License Agreement between your employer and Thomson Reuters;
    • if your question relates to how Thomson Reuters tracks your usage of products, refer to the Privacy Policy; or
    • contact: