Thomson Reuters has a long history of providing access to bibliographic data from the highest quality research in the sciences, social sciences, and arts & humanities. Bibliographic data is invaluable for the discovery process, but more serious and discerning research often requires study of published materials in their entirety.

Thomson Reuters Links are a set of internal tools and external relationships designed to bring the literature's full text directly to the researcher as efficiently as possible.

How Thomson Reuters Links Works

Thomson Reuters Links (formerly Thomson Scientific Links) is a combination of several important processes:

  • ongoing processing of the Thomson Reuters Citation Databases
  • regular processing of each publisher's electronic content
  • creation of the Links table for linking Web of Knowledge to primary content and links to Web of Knowledge from the publisher's site
  • integration of the Links table into Web of Knowledge for intelligent and easy end-user links functionality

Thomson Reuters Links begins with the Thomson Reuters Citation Databases, a multidisciplinary bibliographic collection from over 8,000 international scholarly journals. All bibliographic information and the citations or references are processed, unified and indexed. These steps now support linking the Thomson Reuters source records (the basic bibliographic data) to the corresponding full-text documents. This process also provides the basis for cited reference searching.

The matching of the bibliographic information in Web of Knowledge and the publisher content occurs on a regular and ongoing basis as the publishers provide journal data feeds to Thomson Reuters. Data is provided either directly from the publisher—or from a file provided by CrossRef which includes all DOIs and metadata for participating members of CrossRef. The publisher's bibliographic data is processed and used to create a links table. When the publisher's data matches corresponding Thomson Reuters records in the links table, a full-text link button is posted on the article full record in Web of Knowledge.

How to Activate Links to Full Text

As part of our commitment to customer service, Thomson Reuters will gladly handle all of the details to activate links between Web of Knowledge and your electronic journal subscriptions. To activate Thomson Reuters Links or update your existing links account, simply fill out the form here with the following information:

  • Full institution name
  • Your full name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your Web of Knowledge URL
  • Your list of titles for linking by publisher/content host

Links to Full Text

Full text linking enhances your Web of Knowledge and/or Thomson Pharma subscriptions. Once the fields are activated in your account, the full text is just one or two mouse clicks away. Our goal is to provide users with comprehensive bi-directional links for navigation back and forth between records in Thomson Reuters resources and corresponding full-text documents and references. Whether your access is through the Internet, an institutional intranet, or a combination of both, Thomson Reuters enables links to your information resources no matter where they reside.

Thomson Reuters actively seeks full-text linking partnerships with primary journal publishers and content hosts for all available electronic journals covered by Web of Knowledge. Currently, Thomson Reuters links to over 7,000 unique full text titles, and over 20,000 journal instances. These include a growing population of open access journals and retrospective archives.


For a complete list of journals that can be accessed via Thomson Reuters Links, click here.>

For a complete list of publishers and sites that can be accessed via Thomson Reuters Links, click here.


Intranet Web of Knowledge Customers

Web of Knowledge intranet customers who have also elected to hold primary content locally can utilize Thomson Reuters Links. Link processing will be done at Thomson Reuters and a customized Links table will be built. Intranet Web of Knowledge customers will receive from Thomson Reuters the appropriate table for installation on their Web of Knowledge server.

In addition, for consortia, links for each individual participating site can be customized. A Links table will be tailored precisely to a site's collection.

If you are an intranet customer with an interest in activating Thomson Reuters Links, please contact your Scientific Account Manager.

Other Resources

Links to Other Resources

Thomson Reuters Links offers navigation to a wide range of scholarly information resources including genetic, chemical and patent information.

National Center for Biotechnology Information GenBank Database with Medline

Links are available from Medline within Web of Knowledge to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) GenBank database. The GenBank database is a free and publicly available genetic sequence database hosted by NCBI. Thomson Reuters enables access to GenBank's protein sequence database and the DNA database from corresponding records in Web of Knowledge.

Links Options

Other Thomson Reuters Links Options

Links can also be enabled from Web of Knowledge to your library's online public access catalog (OPAC)—integrating additional information resources. Your customized OPAC query can easily be integrated into your account—using ISSN or title.

Customers now have another option for linking all their electronic resources and services using OpenURL. You can integrate a link-server as a source of links in Thomson Pharma and most Web of Knowledge products. The link button can also be customized to your institution.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Links Team by Opening an eTicket here

How to Activate Thomson Reuters Links

To activate Thomson Reuters Links or update your existing links account, simply fill out this form with the following information:

  • Full institution name
  • Your full name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your Web of Knowledge URL
  • Your list of titles for linking by publisher/content host

How to Activate OPAC Links

hereOPEN URL FULL TEXT LINKS request form

To activate OPAC links, contact the Links Team by opening up an eTicket here. For OPAC links, provide the link gateway URL for your OPAC utility.

Thomson Reuters will continue to add more linking partners, more databases, and more information resources to its menu of options, allowing our customers flexibility and choice in creating an integrated information environment.