White Paper -- Big Data & The Needs Of The Pharma Industry

Big Data - Volume to Value

How can Big Data be more accessible and applicable? By humanizing it.

Humans aren't built to work with Big Data directly - so to find the value of this wealth of information, it needs to be reduced to human proportions. But what’s the best approach?

Download our latest whitepaper: Big Data & the Needs of the Pharma Industry. Tim Miller, Vice President Product Management, Analytics, discusses with industry leading experts approaches to "shrinking" Big Data to make it more accessible - and more useful - to you.

“Little Data” — actionable facts supported by evidence and kept up-to-date.

Quality “little data” can act as a lens or filter to bring out the real nuggets of insight that Big Data promises but struggles to deliver.


In this video, Andreas Matern, Vice President Disruptive Innovation, talks about how Thomson Reuters can apply a “little data” approach to your internal information. Helping you to find exactly what you’re looking for and generate new insights to drive innovation at your organization.

Big Data and the Needs of the Pharma Industry

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